Looking for a way to engage employees in a wellness challenge?  Companies across America are using competition as a way to breed engagement and push employees to meet a gold standard of health.  Wishing Well Works will coordinate all registration and implementation of challenges.

  • Flexible Programming

  • Kick-off Event

  • Pre and Post Assessments

  • Participation can be On-Site or Virtual

  • Leaderboard

  • Continued Engagement

  • Pre- and Post- Assessments

Mission FITpossible- The body fat loss and fitness challenge is meant to encourage healthier choices both in nutrition and physical activity.  Participants will do a pre-assessment with weight, body fat percentage, and a fitness test. Every week they will be provided with a seminar/webinar, weekend challenges, and optional group exercise class. They will complete the same post-assessment at the end of the 8 week challenge Each week an on-site seminar or webinar will be offered to help participants better understand the science behind losing weight as well as nutrition and exercise.

Healthy Habit Challenge- This is a 12-week challenge where employees are learning how to change one tiny habit at a time. All participants receive a workbook to help them through each habit. There will be weekly seminars/webinars and also a pre- and post-assessment to help employees recognize the changes they have made throughout the program.

Waikiki Walking Challenge- A walking map is provided with a several icons for teams to choose from. Teams form of 4-6 people (client choice) and have weekly goals to meet. Each week there is an opportunity to complete a challenge and if completed adds to their total number of steps. Prizes awarded at the end of the 8 weeks!

Get FIT- This is an 8-week strength-based program encouraging participants to build their strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.    Participants will complete a pre-assessment on fitness capability. They will then be provided with 1 cardio class and 1 yoga or core class every week. Additionally they will be emailed virtual workouts. Every Friday there will be a challenge to complete. Participants who gain the most points from pre-assessment to post assessment will win.

Ask us about our Obstacle Courses, Team-Building Activities,  and Relay Races - great additions to any corporate picnic, wellness program, or sales meeting.