Webinars are a great way to provide flexible wellness programming for companies that may have multiple locations, employees that travel, or need a program that is less structured than live seminars. Any Wishing Well Works title can be delivered as a webinar. 

Webinars are 60-minutes in length and can be purchased and offered to an entire workplace or a single individual. They are taught by Master-Level health educators or professionals certified in their area of specialty. 

Click here if you would like to purchase a single webinar or a series.  

All series include access to a workbook and those available include: 

The Weight is OVER– An online weight loss program offered weekly for 8 weeks.  Each participant will complete a pre-assessment and post-assessment including weight, body fat, BMI, waist-to-hip ratio. Additionally all participants receive 2 online coaching sessions.  $125

Stress LESS– This is weekly online stress relief/management program that runs for 6 weeks.  Each participant will learn about the physiology of stress as well as practical relaxation techniques. $100

Nurturing NUTRITION– This is an online 8-week program that teaches participants about nutrition.  We will discuss reading food labels, understanding what               individuals need as far as nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and smart shopping.  $125

Kick BUTT– This is an online 6-week smoking cessation program created by a former smoker.  It is a behavioral approach to quitting that does not use nicotine replacement.  $100

Being WELL– This is an 8 week program that help participants understand the best ways to stay healthy, prevent injury and chronic disease.  We will touch on nutrition, sleep health, stress management, exercise and  much more.  $125