At Wishing Well Works, we pride ourselves in our 6 to 8 week health education signature series.  Each program is meant to impact a specific area of health.  Participants attend weekly webinar or on-site sessions taught by a master's-level health educator.  Each series comes with a workbook.  All programs have a behavioral approach to help participants LEARN NEW HEALTHY HABITS.

The Weight is OVER– A weight loss program that can either be 6 or 8 weeks.  Each participant will complete a pre-assessment and post-assessment including weight. Body fat, BMI, Waist-to-Hip ratio. 

Stress LESS– This is a stress relief/management program that runs for 6 weeks.  Each participant will learn about the physiology of stress as well as practical relaxation techniques. 

Nurturing NUTRITION This is an 8 week program that teaches participants about nutrition.  We will discuss reading food labels, understanding what individuals need as far as nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and smart shopping. 

Kick BUTT– This is a 6 week smoking cessation program created by a former smoker.  It is a behavioral approach to quitting that does not use nicotine replacement. 

Being WELL– This is an 8 week program that help participants understand the best ways to stay healthy, prevent injury and chronic disease.  We will touch on nutrition, sleep health, stress management, exercise and  much more. 

Mind Space- This is an 8-week mental health program. It will help employees better understand a variety of mental health topics including anxiety/depression, effective communication, stress management, and self-care. Each week participants will attend a seminar/webinar and have activities to do that explore each topic.

To purchase access for yourself, visit our online store.  Companies wishing to purchase a series for their employees should contact us directly.